Doing good

Storyline’s business philosophy and model is built on the fundamental tenet of doing good for others. This is why we help companies integrate CSR as a core pillar of their long-term brand building process.

Demonstrating your credentials as a good corporate citizen is a proven way for your customer base to get to know you in a whole new light; one that is shown to increase brand loyalty and turn customers into strong brand advocates who measure you on a variety of value dimensions rather than singularly focus on price.

Doing good can be good for profits

The Storyline approach is about adding value to the customer relationship as a whole, rather than focusing on the diminishing returns of such damaging policies as price cutting or retail-driven sales spikes to satisfy end-of-quarter KPI’s. With downward secular trends being experienced across many product and service categories, too many good brands are being dragged into never-ending downward price spirals. These wars of attrition benefit no one, but are proven to be extremely destructive to people (staff cuts), products and services (quality cuts), and consequently, brand reputations.

A long-term focus

It’s vitally important to consider CSR as an astute long-term ‘investment’ rather than a short-term ‘cost’. With the Storyline way, there are no quick fixes. But there can be quick starts to beginning long-term fixes.


The best time to plant a tree was ten years ago. The second-best time is today.

Creating mini movements

Properly integrating CSR into customer relationships is about doing far more than traditional marketing and advertising campaigns. It’s about creating mini movements, where brands and their customers participate in ‘a cause higher than themselves’. They’re creating a story that is far beyond just moving product or providing a service:

  • It’s about people
  • It’s about shared success
  • It’s about investing in communities
  • It’s about reaching out and lending a hand to those in need
  • It’s about reviving that aspect of ‘being Australian’ that is fast disappearing
  • It’s about energising staff and growing their pride in who they work for
  • It’s a rally, a mission, a cause
  • It’s about creating a story that takes on a life of its own and becomes much bigger than anyone can imagine at the start