Storyline is all about how we can help you to better tell your brand story and turn your customers into strong and loyal brand advocates.

It’s about good people, good ideas, big hearts, good intentions, real truths, strong relationships, great stories, and of course, bringing all these elements together to attain excellent results for your bottom line, and your very own story line.


The Storyline philosophy is informed by the values and principles of its owner, Matthew Hayden, and is underlined further by his strongly held beliefs that the best way for companies to do good is to do good by others. A cornerstone of this philosophy is the recognition that the people who buy your products or services are much more than merely customers; they are an important part of both your brand community and the broader community your organisation serves.


One unifying characteristic of Storyline’s partners is a shared belief in the idea of ‘heart’ projects. If this sounds like you, we’d like to offer a warm welcome to the Storyline way.


One of the best ways for companies to do good is to do good by others